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Stryum Product Maintenance
Caring for Stryum Intelligent Facade

What causes deterioration?

The most common cause of deterioration of an aluminium surface is the result of a build up of grime – which allows for contaminated moisture to build up and have an adverse effect of the finish of the surface.


Prevention is simplest way to avoid surface and finish deterioration on your Stryum panels. To prevent the build up of finish affecting grime – wash your panels periodically with a solution of warm water mixed with a suitable soap or wetting agent. This will both enhance the surface finish and prevent the build up of grime, which can contribute to product deterioration. Due to environmental variation; cleaning intervals will vary. We recommend surfaces that constantly monitored and are cleaned when necessary.

Heavy duty grime removal

When an aluminium surface has been neglected and there has been a significant build up of grime – a heavy duty clean should be carried out to prevent deterioration. We recommend the use of professional cleaning companies who specialise in the maintenance of commercial facades. The most important criteria of an aluminium cleaning agent is that it should be non-toxic, it should have a pH of between 5 & 8 and should not contain any fluorides, chlorides or sulphates.

What products and tools to use

For removal of moderate stains or grime deposits it is recommended to use water pressure only to achieve the best results without the risk of damaging the aluminium surface. If this does not achieve the desired result – a sponge or cloth may be used for removal. For removal of stubborn and severe grime deposits on the aluminium surface it is recommended to use a suitable nylon abrasive cleaning pad or brush.

What products and tools NOT to use

To avoid any damage to your aluminium surface while cleaning and maintaining please avoid the use of wire brushes, scourers, steel wool and emery paper at all times. Also avoid the use of any strong acids or alkalis such as hydrochloric acid, acetic, caustic soda or lime during the cleaning process. Use of such products may result in the degradation or corrosion of the finish.

Severe surface damage

In the case of severe surface damage or discolouration as a result of incorrect maintenance or cleaning – we recommend the use of a commercial finishing or maintenance company who specialises in the restoration of commercial finishes. Such companies supply touch up and refinishing services which employ the use of specialised products and techniques, with results that are difficult to achieve with basic maintenance.


Quick, easy and completed in 5 simple steps

The Stryum Intelligent installation system allows for minimal fabrication of Stryum products and fast and pragmatic panel installation. Stryum installation uses an integrated Tab and Hook system which is both self-tightening and weatherproof. Following the simple Stryum Panel installation procedure allows for Stryum facades to be executed with superior efficiency.


Install Vapour Barrier/ Weatherproof Building envelope. It is essential that this layer is waterproof and acts as a primary seal.

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Install Plumb Subframe and a minimum of 600mm centre

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Install Stryum Starter Extrusions and other Stryum trims.

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Install Stryum Base panel by hooking the panel’s bottom Tab into the starter Hook. Then move Stryum panel into place so top tab is against the subframe and fix to subframe using steel tek screws.

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Install remainder of the Stryum façade by hooking the new Panel’s bottom Tab into the previous panel’s top Hook, moving into place, then fixing to the subframe.

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About our warranty

The Stryum façade product warranty will cover the replacement or repair of defective Stryum products up to 20 years after purchase.