Clean – Classic – Sophisticated

Shadow’s brilliance lies in its simplicity. Across the installation process, to the sustainability factor and finish options – Shadow makes simple special. For use in Facades of any scale or in any environment and applied horizontally or vertically – Shadow will bring an enduring and sophisticated flat finish aesthetic with clean shadowlines that are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Sharp – Modern – Unique

Step was the first design in the Stryum Intelligent Aluminium Façade range. Fundamental to Step’s design is its stepped façade aesthetic. What could be achieved through fabrication is now ready built. Step panels cascade over one another across a surface adding a sharp and dynamic edge to any façade. As with all Stryum products – our Intelligent Installation System is an integral part of Step. Available in standard and custom sizes and an unlimited range of anodised and powdercoated finishes, Step provides clients a sustainable and versatile option for facades of any scale.

Bold – Vibrant – Confident

Seam is the newest design in Stryum’s Intelligent Aluminium Façade range. Bold and unrestrained – the standing seam sits proud above the façade – reacting to the environment and casting shifting shadows as light conditions change. Once again our Intelligent Installation System is integrated into the Seam profile, providing functionality while adding a modern and vibrant aesthetic.