External Cladding Systems Perth

For Residential and Commercial Premises


The exterior cladding of a structure is the first line of defence against the elements and also the first element that those passing by and entering that building are set to notice.

Given this role that exterior cladding plays, it needs to meet a number of key requirements – it needs to be incredibly durable, of a very high quality, offer a modern, complimentary aesthetic, be reliable and yet versatile, support safety regulations and be both cost-effective and time-efficient to install.

However, most architectural cladding Perth has to offer and many external wall cladding systems in Perth simply do not meet these key demands for facade industries.

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The future of exterior cladding has arrived

Stryum aluminium cladding products are the most exceptionally high quality and functional external cladding panels Perth wide.

Developed by a team of experienced, expert external cladding Perth professionals, our solutions are the product of best-practice manufacturing techniques teamed with the finest wall cladding materials Perth has to offer.

Now the many facade industries can encase structures, walls and other surfaces with high quality plate aluminium facade panels that are a much more attractive, modern and reliable alternative to any other commercial cladding products on the market today.

Explore the possibilities of the most intelligent, innovative aluminium wall cladding in Perth

Stryum exterior cladding solutions offer a multitude of applications for commercial and residential properties in Perth:

Powerful Commercial Facades for Large Scale Structures

Covering the exterior of a large scale commercial building can present a number of challenges.

The exterior cladding used must present a powerful, sleek, modern aesthetic, be able to weather the elements for many years, require little maintenance, meet safety guidelines and prove cost-effective and time-efficient to install, given the quantity of panels required.

Unlike many of the solutions in external cladding Perth has to offer, Stryum can deliver on all of these demands. Our exterior cladding panels offer a bold, unique aesthetic design that is incredibly durable and with little maintenance required in comparison to alternatives.

Certified non-combustible, the panels meet key exterior cladding Perth safety guidelines too.

Radical commercial refurbishments without the radical costs

Commercial refurbishments are expensive and subject to tight deadlines – which is why Stryum solutions are the perfect fit. Quickly and cost-effectively achieve a fresh, sharp modern exterior with the unique design aesthetic of the most innovative external wall cladding Perth wide and our revolutionary, intelligent installation system.

Modernise the exterior of residential properties

Residential properties can also benefit from our solutions. In fact, our products are just as frequently used in commercial exterior cladding as exterior house cladding in Perth. Requiring minimal fabrication and offering ease of installation, Stryum are fast becoming the most in-demand external wall cladding Perth offers.

Explore the possibilities of the most innovative, intelligent external wall cladding systems in Perth. Contact the expert Stryum team today to learn about the many benefits and applications of our solutions.

Stryum also specialises in External Cladding in Brisbane, External Cladding in Sydney and External Cladding in Melbourne.

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Quick, easy and completed in 5 simple steps

The Stryum Intelligent installation system allows for minimal fabrication of Stryum products and fast and pragmatic panel installation. Stryum installation uses an integrated Tab and Hook system which is both self-tightening and weatherproof. Following the simple Stryum Panel installation procedure allows for Stryum facades to be executed with superior efficiency.


Install Vapour Barrier/ Weatherproof Building envelope. It is essential that this layer is waterproof and acts as a primary seal.

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Install Plumb Subframe and a minimum of 600mm centre

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Install Stryum Starter Extrusions and other Stryum trims.

↖ Click image to enlarge.


Install Stryum Base panel by hooking the panel’s bottom Tab into the starter Hook. Then move Stryum panel into place so top tab is against the subframe and fix to subframe using steel tek screws.

↖ Click image to enlarge.


Install remainder of the Stryum façade by hooking the new Panel’s bottom Tab into the previous panel’s top Hook, moving into place, then fixing to the subframe.

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We got you covered

About our warranty

The Stryum façade product warranty will cover the replacement or repair of defective Stryum products up to 20 years after purchase. for more details read the full warranty below.