Seam, Plate, Shadow & Step Cladding Systems

For Residential and Commercial Premises


Forget what you’ve heard about any of the cladding systems Sydney has to offer – Stryum solutions have simply changed the game here.

Developed by a group of highly experienced metal cladding Sydney professionals, Stryum aluminium cladding systems are some of the most innovative, intelligent solutions you’ll find on the market.

Our team have designed and delivered a new approach to façade design and installation, one which precisely meets the demands of each and every façade industry.

The leading range of cladding panels Sydney has to offer includes four different impressive solutions:

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Simple yet brilliantly sophisticated, Shadow offers one of the cleanest, sleekest aesthetics of any metal cladding systems Sydney has to offer. Applicable to any property, to any surface – interior or exterior – Shadow can stylishly encase a commercial structure or add an impressive flush to the interior of a commercial space just as effectively.

With a flat finish and distinctive clean shadow lines, Shadow is distinctive among rival standing seam cladding Sydney systems.


Our first Stryum aluminium façade design, Step is now one of the most popular wall cladding systems in Sydney. It gets its name from its stepped façade aesthetic, something that could previously only be achieved through fabrication.

Step is one of the most aesthetically pleasing forms of metal cladding Sydney has to offer, with each panel cascading over one another to create a sharp, unique and modern edge to a façade.


Structures stand out with Seam – simple as that. Bold, vibrant and strong, Seam is fast becoming a crowd favourite. It goes where no other cladding materials Sydney offers goes. Sitting above the façade, Seam reacts to its environment, stunningly casting shifting shadows.


High quality façade with endless colour possibilities – that’s what our Plate panels offer. Plate is one of our most versatile aluminium façade products. It can be formed into a multitude of shapes and customised to meet your specific design requirements.

The introduction of our Plate panels has meant that safe, sound, structural aluminium cladding has never been so creative or colourful.

Innovative solutions, intelligent installations

All of our cladding systems offer quicker, easier installations than aluminium or zinc cladding Sydney solutions or even corten cladding Sydney solutions. We don’t just spend time ensuring the design and production of the highest quality cladding systems on the market.

As cladding Sydney specialists ourselves, we’ve thought through every single aspect, right through to developing a streamlined, energy efficient and cost-effective installation.

Contact the expert Sydney based team at Stryum today to explore the possibilities and applications of our solutions. We’d be happy to discuss your custom specifications and bring to life the true benefits of our incredibly innovative products.

Stryum also specialises in Cladding Systems in Brisbane, Cladding Systems in Perth and Cladding Systems in Melbourne.

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Quick, easy and completed in 5 simple steps

The Stryum Intelligent installation system allows for minimal fabrication of Stryum products and fast and pragmatic panel installation. Stryum installation uses an integrated Tab and Hook system which is both self-tightening and weatherproof. Following the simple Stryum Panel installation procedure allows for Stryum facades to be executed with superior efficiency.


Install Vapour Barrier/ Weatherproof Building envelope. It is essential that this layer is waterproof and acts as a primary seal.

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Install Plumb Subframe and a minimum of 600mm centre

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Install Stryum Starter Extrusions and other Stryum trims.

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Install Stryum Base panel by hooking the panel’s bottom Tab into the starter Hook. Then move Stryum panel into place so top tab is against the subframe and fix to subframe using steel tek screws.

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Install remainder of the Stryum façade by hooking the new Panel’s bottom Tab into the previous panel’s top Hook, moving into place, then fixing to the subframe.

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We got you covered

About our warranty

The Stryum façade product warranty will cover the replacement or repair of defective Stryum products up to 20 years after purchase. for more details read the full warranty below.