Seam, Plate, Shadow & Step Cladding Systems

For Residential and Commercial Premises


Introducing the most innovative, intelligent, versatile and reliable cladding systems Melbourne has to offer. Everyone in the many facade industries is talking about Stryum aluminium facade solutions.

Finally these industries have access to aluminium cladding systems that truly deliver on their entire project needs. That’s exactly what we set out to do and that’s exactly why our solutions are the most in-demand cladding panels in Melbourne and beyond.

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Developed by top cladding Melbourne experts

Our specialist team includes some of the most experienced, knowledgeable and respected professionals in the facade industry.

Using the most effective manufacturing techniques and the finest cladding materials Melbourne has to offer, the Stryum team have delivered the most innovative, eye-catching high quality solutions on the market.

Explore the possibilities of Stryum cladding systems

We currently have 4 highly inventive and innovative cladding systems available including:


SHADOW is simply the cleanest, most sophisticated metal cladding Melbourne has available. SHADOW offers brilliance in its simplicity, presenting a stunning flat finish aesthetic with distinctive clean shadow lines.

SHADOW cladding doesn’t just offer aesthetic appeal but it provides great durability and versatility too. They can be used in facades of any scale, in any environment and can be applied horizontally or vertically


We really broke ground with this design. The unique stepped facade aesthetic was something that other metal cladding systems in Melbourne couldn’t achieve through fabrication. Our ready built STEP panels cascade over one another creating that distinct stepped effect and adding a sharp, dynamic effect to any facade.

STEP is a great versatile and sustainable option for a multitude of applications. These panels are available in standard and custom sizes with an unlimited range of anodised and powder-coated finishes.


Our SEAM panels are undoubtedly the boldest solutions in standing seam cladding Melbourne wide. These vibrant panels sit above the facade reflecting light and casting shadows as conditions change.

Highly functional, durable and reliable yet offering a powerful, modern, dynamic aesthetic, SEAM are the perfect choice for covering and protecting the external surface of commercial buildings.


The newest and most versatile addition to the Stryum family, PLATE panels can go where no other aluminium or zinc cladding in Melbourne can go.

Lightweight yet immensely durable, PLATE aluminium panels can be formed into an extensive array of shapes and sizes, even more complex shapes like towers and spheres.

This show-stopping cladding system also offers superior UV resistance for up to 25 years, something offered by very few other solutions in aluminium or corten cladding Melbourne wide.

The future of cladding systems has arrived

Discover how the most in-demand wall cladding systems in Melbourne can benefit your particular project.

Contact the expert Stryum Melbourne team to discuss any questions or queries you might have and how our solutions can benefit your project.

Stryum also specialises in Cladding Systems in Brisbane, Cladding Systems in Sydney and Cladding Systems in Perth.

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Quick, easy and completed in 5 simple steps

The Stryum Intelligent installation system allows for minimal fabrication of Stryum products and fast and pragmatic panel installation. Stryum installation uses an integrated Tab and Hook system which is both self-tightening and weatherproof. Following the simple Stryum Panel installation procedure allows for Stryum facades to be executed with superior efficiency.


Install Vapour Barrier/ Weatherproof Building envelope. It is essential that this layer is waterproof and acts as a primary seal.

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Install Plumb Subframe and a minimum of 600mm centre

↖ Click image to enlarge.


Install Stryum Starter Extrusions and other Stryum trims.

↖ Click image to enlarge.


Install Stryum Base panel by hooking the panel’s bottom Tab into the starter Hook. Then move Stryum panel into place so top tab is against the subframe and fix to subframe using steel tek screws.

↖ Click image to enlarge.


Install remainder of the Stryum façade by hooking the new Panel’s bottom Tab into the previous panel’s top Hook, moving into place, then fixing to the subframe.

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We got you covered

About our warranty

The Stryum façade product warranty will cover the replacement or repair of defective Stryum products up to 20 years after purchase. for more details read the full warranty below.