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When designing the Stryum range our team made it paramount to make use of only the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques. Our raw aluminium material and anodising and powdercoating processes make for a product with an unmatched level of quality in design, aesthetics, and durability.


Our range of 3 different Stryum Products all have their own unique aesthetic. With classic shadow lines, sharp step features or bold standing seams – Stryum holds a modern and functional aesthetic solution for all clients. Available in standard, mini and custom sizes and in any anodised, powdercoated or wood grain finish – the aesthetic options that Stryum provides are truly limitless.


Due to Stryum’s intelligent design, there is no need for the use of any external sealants, which can be prone to rapid corrosion. Our Intelligent Installation System also reduces the number of processes required during fabrication and installation – Put simply - there are less components that have the potential to break, fault or corrode making Stryum one of the most reliable façade systems on the market today.

Intelligent Installation

The Stryum Intelligent Installation System has been designed by commercial façade professionals with every aspect of the façade installation process considered. Using the simple self-tightening and weatherproof tab and hook method - time and energy is saved throughout the Stryum installation process.

Minimal Fabrication

Stryum – Intelligent Aluminium Façade is an all in one panel and installation system. Panels can be ordered to custom sizes and lengths which eliminates the necessity for pre-fabrication. Panels are simply interlocked and tightened, then fixed. This also optimises usability and decreases wastage. Once again saving time and energy, whilst boosting reliability.


Due to Stryum’s intelligent installation system and the range of finish options and application methods available - Stryum is extremely versatile. It can be used for both interior and exterior applications in both a commercial or residential capacity. Large scale commercial facades, residential cladding or fit out features – Styrum is an all-purpose, versatile façade material.


All Stryum products are made out of 100% plate aluminium. They are core metals and are totally non-combustible. Architects, engineers, and tenants can be assured Stryum panels will not burn or contribute to the spread of fire.


Our entire Stryum panel range is delivered pre-finished. This means there is no requirement for painting or post finishing Stryum façades. Our finish options are attractive and durable – guaranteed to stand the test of time in both appearance and structural integrity.


Stryum façade panels are made from plate aluminium which is a 100% recyclable product. Energy, emissions, wastage and materials are saved in every aspects of the product from manufacturing, to, delivery, installation and recycling.

Australian Made

Stryum is a 100% Australian Owned, designed and made product, which aids all aspects of the Australian economy


Stryum façade’s 20 year product warranty is one of the longest of any façade product on the market today. Clients can be confident that their Stryum façade will remain attractive and durable throughout the life of the building.


Because of our simple and intelligent design – Stryum maintenance is a straight foreword process that will ensure the longevity of your building’s façade.