About Stryum

Stryum intelligent aluminium façade is a range of high quality plate aluminium façade panels which provide an attractive, modern and reliable alternative to many commercial cladding products on the market today. Stryum products have been specifically designed by experienced commercial façade professionals to meet the demands of every sector of the international facade industry.

Paramount to every aspect of the design of Stryum intelligent aluminium façade is quality.

Quality runs through every element of the Stryum product range – from aesthetics and our intelligent installation system, through to reliability, longevity and our commitment to sustainability and environment.  Through the use of only the best raw materials, and finish options – Stryum Intelligent Aluminium Facade achieves an unprecedented level of quality, reliability and longevity.

With an extensive range of colours, textures and finish options as well as the availability of both standard and custom sizes – The Stryum range provides clients limitless aesthetic options for use in applications of any scale or in any environment.

Ventilated Rainscreen Façade

Developed in Scandinavia in the 1960’s as a way of combating with the harsh climactic conditions – the Rainscreen facade principle is integral to the Stryum system and it’s installation.

Rainscreen facade involves an outer building layer which deflects heat and moisture with a ventilated void behind that facilitates air flow and drainage – minimising environmental impacts and creating a more thermally regulated building interior.

Stryum’s interlocking aluminium panels are designed to be installed on a ventilated substructure in order to create the free circulation of air behind the panels themselves.

This has many benefits including:

  • Prevention of thermal bridging
  • Dissipation of solar gain
  • Reducing thermal movement of the structure
  • Prevention of internal condensation and mould growth
  • Creation of a more thermally regulated inner building
  • Resisting moisture and humidity
  • Allowance for water drainage