A modern and dynamic new facade material. Non-combustible, versatile, recyclable, stylish and easily installed - Stryum Intelligent Aluminium Facade is designed with every aspect of facade design, fabrication and installation in mind.

Stryum products have been specifically designed by experienced commercial façade professionals to meet the demands of every sector of the international facade industry.

What is Stryum?

A new approach to facade design and installation

Stryum intelligent aluminium façade is a range of high quality plate aluminium façade panels which provide an attractive, modern and reliable alternative to many commercial cladding products on the market today. Stryum

Sydney aluminium cladding and facade

products have been specifically designed by experienced commercial façade professionals to meet the demands of every sector of the international facade industry.
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A striking finish, a modern stylish appearance, easy installation, incredibly versatile, lightweight yet resilient and unlimited design possibilities – that’s the Stryum difference.

Aluminium facade and installation just took a giant leap into the future. More reliable and with a sleeker aesthetic than the commercial cladding products we’re so used to seeing on the market, Stryum aluminium facade plate products are the solutions that truly meet the needs of all facade markets.

Stryum products have been designed by leading aluminium facade Sydney specialists with many years of experience and expertise in servicing the needs of facade and aluminium panelling Sydney customers.

Our team set out to create the best aluminium panel cladding in Sydney and beyond. Quality was, and still is, paramount to every aspect of this design.

We sourced the best quality raw materials and devised the most incredible finish options. Combining both, we’ve created aluminium facade products that faithfully excel over any other aluminium panels Sydney has to offer in terms of longevity, reliability and visual appeal.

The Benefits of Stryum

Stryum products excel in terms of quality over alternative products from aluminium cladding Sydney providers and the benefits don’t end there.


– Our solutions have a bold, unique aesthetic and are available in standard, mini and custom sizes, in any anodised, powder-coated or even a classic wood grain finish.

Multitude of applications

– Stryum can be used for both interior and exterior applications in commercial and residential capacities alike.


– Unlike many aluminium cladding panels Sydney has available, Stryum products undergo minimal processing and aren’t subject to rapid corrosion.

Quick installations

– We haven’t just thoroughly considered the design of our solutions but we’ve also revolutionised their installation process too. The Stryum team have devised a seamless, more time efficient and cost-efficient installation method for our products versus other solutions on the market.

Easy maintenance

– Stryum products are easy and hassle free to maintain ensuring that protecting the longevity of aluminium cladding panels is not a continuous headache.


– Stryum panels are made from 100% plate aluminium and are non-combustible, a welcome safety aspect. They won’t burn or contribute to a fire on any property.

Australian Made

– We are a wholly Australian owned company and all Stryum products have been 100% designed and made in Australia.

Cladding in Sydney

Backed by a team of some of the finest specialists in aluminium weatherboard cladding in Sydney and in Colorbond cladding in Sydney and beyond, we also offer a 20 year product warranty, one of the longest product warranties available for facade solutions on today’s market.

The future of aluminium cladding has arrived – are you ready to embrace this innovation? Speak to the Stryum aluminium cladding Sydney team today to explore your possibilities, the benefits, the applications, the level of sustainability and the finish options for aluminium facade solutions.

Stryum also specialises in Aluminium Cladding in Brisbane, Aluminium Cladding in Perth and Aluminium Cladding in Melbourne.

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Client Experience - Stryum Seam Facade

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